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Business Development


Nearly all Missouri port authorities have sites of 5 to 250 acres available for industrial development. These sites are all readily accessible by paved roads, with some featuring rail and/or river terminal access. Additionally, all sites are equipped with water and electric power. Sewer service, natural gas and high-pressure industrial steam may also be available.


If your business chooses to develop an available industrial site surrounding one of our ports, you may qualify for incentives including tax credits for new jobs, free customized training, local property tax abatements, tax increment financing and revenue bonds.

Community Development Block Grants (CDBG) are also available to individual port authorities to help meet your infrastructure needs. Grant eligibility is based on employment levels and capital investment.

The Enhanced Enterprise Zone Program is a discretionary program offering state tax credits to qualifying businesses. Tax credits may be provided each year for up to ten years after the commencement of the project.

In order to qualify, businesses must meet certain qualifications and be located in a Missouri Enhanced Enterprise Zone. Zone designation is based on demographic criteria, the potential to create sustainable jobs in a targeted industry, as well as a demonstrated impact on local industry cluster development. Many of Missouri’s ports are designated as Enterprise Zones. Additionally, the facility must create at least two new jobs and $100,000 in new investment in a given year as compared to the base year in order to receive tax credits.

Once your business qualifies, you are eligible to receive:

  • A new investment tax credit of 10% for the first $10,000 invested; 5% for the next $90,000; 2% for any additional
  • Up to a $1,200 tax credit for each new employee hired
  • Up to a $400 training credit for each new hire that resides in the zone or is considered unemployable
  • A 50% exemption on the portion of the state taxable income attributed to a new or expanded facility in the zone
  • A 50% abatement of city and county property taxes for 10 years for improvements to real property.

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